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FMDroid is the first native Android™ app designed for accessing FileMaker® databases. FMDroid uses the FileMaker XML gateway of the Web Publishing Engine of FileMaker Server to retrieve information from your FileMaker databases.

Check the Quick Setup Guide for basic setup information for FMDroid.

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FMDroid allows you to:FMDroid

  • Enter and Save your Favorite Server
  • Select From Available Databases
  • Chose your Layout
  • View, Find, Sort, and Edit Records
  • Download Container Data
  • Run Scripts (including plugins on the FMS WPE)

For Developers:

Fields from layouts that you create in FileMaker are automatically displayed in FMDroid in a phone-friendly manner. Field order is preserved, but the GUI of your FileMaker layouts, such as colors, buttons, tabs, and styling are not displayed in FMDroid.

Developers can control access to the layouts and scripts that FMDroid users have access to through layout naming conventions. Read the FMDroid Developers Guide for information about how to configure your database to control the layouts and scripts users see when they access your databases so that they are not overwhelmed with the number of available layouts and scripts.

FMDroid uses the FileMaker Server XML gateway, which will track your found set, but not the record that is being browsed in FMDroid. Because of this, special considerations must be taken when writing scripts which will be executed by FMDroid users to make sure that the script is executed on the correct record.

One advantage of FMDroid accessing the FMS Web Publishing Engine is that you can use the added functionality of plugins in your scripts. This means that you can use plugins like 360Works Plastic to run credit card charges (make sure to use SSL!) and RemoteScripter to generate PDF documents. With plugins on your FMS you could use FMDroid to capture a customer's contact information, make an order, add line items to the order, charge the customer's card, and then generate, download, and email a PDF!

Read the Developers Guide for details about how to prepare your database for access from FMDroid.

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  • Android 2.2 or newer (Everything works great on 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!)
  • FileMaker Server 9 or later
  • FMS Web Publishing Engine and XML publishing enabled on your FileMaker Server
  • The FMXML Priveledge set must be enabled for the accounts you wish to access your database with

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